Thursday, June 30, 2011

Corporate Chic

Corporate clothing has to be a safe bet, it can either mess up things for you or play the game for you. So what's the new age office chic all about ??? sheath dresses ?? sheer tights ?? pumps ?? Hell yeahhh ..... i mean nothing can beat that dress code but is it acceptable everywhere ? time to get real ,we all don't work for a hi-end magazine house kind of a workplace where the editor would walk styled in the same and throw all that unwanted tantrums( remember the devil wears prada) or atleast it maybe acceptable in the metros but what about other cities? FYI India has only 6 metro cities).To my knowledge i ve never come across any such office chica dressed same, the least would be to see girls getting out of various air hostess training insti but then that's not even nice to look at(atleast to my eyes it is not) but today what i see in kochi is alot of western formals and trust me you ll be shocked to see these women dressed formally and amuses me that wow how times have changed, and i find one such chica in my office , my bestie who looks nothing but a hottie... trust me you should see her adaa and the grace. She leaves no chances of dressing up and is always dressed to nine(maybe this is what customer interaction does to people,wink) 

Jo is a super fashionable chica and i love shopping spree with her(too much fun) and as my blog is mostly about street style fashion i thought of putting her pictures and corporate chic would be the ideal tag for this and why not what better way than starting my picture treat with her on my post. ( no no i wasnt paid for this,haha)

Jo has styled her corporate look by wearing a striped shirt and basic black formal trousers where she added the much needed glam by adding the waist coat and that lace just earned her brownie point ( well not because i lust lace :p)

so thats my corporate chica for you, leme know if u spot any such hot shot corporate chica at ur work place.


p.s. - sorry for the poor picture quality,taken from my phone and that should explain.