Saturday, July 16, 2011

Designer Dreamz - MASABA GUPTA

From hand stamps to foot prints, long flowy silhouettes to dramatic, strong colours. Masaba has finally arrived and created the much needed mark in the fashion world. Daughter of actor Neena Gupta (who also is her biggest endorser and is spotted in her creations very often) and cricketing legend Vivian Richards, she made people sit up and take notice with her debut at the 2009 Lakme India Fashion Week.(she has found a fan in me too)

I love Masaba for the giant prints, the mix of strong contrasting colours, edgy designs, and her invention of 3 piece saree. I mean WOW, such a modern twist to the seven yards and making it look even more sexier with the prints. I love the way she plays around with colours,textures and prints. Apart from the prints,polka dots and geometric designs used on the aforesaid sarees,Masaba also uses a dose of unique marks of palms and feet, alphabet motifs, motifs inspired by mythology etc liberally in her creations(my personal favourite).

polka do sigthing on masaba creations

alphabet motifs

prints with dash of strong colors

Masaba who is just a couple of years old on the block has an ardent fan following from the tinsel town in the form of Mandira Bedi, Sonam Kapoor and ofcourse Mommy dearest. Sonam kapoor also took Masaba on the global chart by wearing it to the cannes festival.

                                                                       Mandira Bedi

Sonam Kapoor & Neena gupta in Masaba creation

                                                   the famous hand print design

The pace at which she is going am sure she is here to stay and why not who wouldn't love some quirkiness and fun to their clothing. Well atleast I do, so for me its a thumbs Up !!

Hope u liked her collection too.

P.S. - i am getting a masaba in my wardrobe soon(one of the saree's for sure) but if you want to get your hands on her collection "House of MASABA"@ mumbai is the place for you.



  1. i know.... such freshness she has brought to clothes.

  2. Her collection really speaks to me ... it matches my style sensibilities. Next time I am back home I have to get something from her!!! :)

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  3. this collection of design are super and very nice post. new design are very good. all collections are pretty good..and all the best for your future designs..

  4. Masaba has such a colorful collection.Absolutely loving the brightness, and yes I might be doing a post soon on this for the special season coming up. :D

    Love from Delhi,

    P.s. If you find my blog worthy, follow up...And I will surely return the favour ^_^

  5. so beautiful collection and very nice post!

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    Thank u,

  6. Hi, I am looking for sarees with alphabet prints. The ones with Tamil alphabets is exactly what I am interested in. Kindly tell me if they are available in Chennai.

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