Thursday, June 2, 2011

I Give a Hoot !!

Hello Lovely people... whoever reading this hope that you are in the pink of health.... so today was a fun day, was out with my sister shopping bought some lovely stuff, infact any day is a good day if there is shopping involved. All Hail Retail therapy !! i am sure all the girlie's out there would agree with me. 

I wanted to do a post today. I hate the fact that i don't do it regularly so this was topping my list for tonite,why tonite ?? i do all my blog post late in the wee hours of the night. Thats the way i like it. No wonder mom calls me an OWL !! being nocturnal is fun in its own ways. Its so quiet and calm at this late hour. (Blissful in its own way) Talking about owl lately i ve been noticing alot of OWL. Noticing where ?? well almost everywhere looks like its the new in thing. I ve seen a couple of celebrities spotting the owl pendant. Spotted someone wearing an owl print t-shirt. You name it and there is an owl print on it. I ve spotted these on t-shirts, pendants, earrings, bags, mobile cases, sandals, belts, hair clips.... ok stop the list just goes on and on. A little research and i get to know that its a fall 2011 accessory now that's the cause of all the spotting of the hoot oops the owl.

Do you give a HOOT to any of the pieces ??

Some of the celebs spotted wearing these fabulous pieces are

            Sonam Kapoor                                 Shweta Salve                                        Pooja Bedi

                            Carol Gracias

My personal favourite piece among the jewellery is this gold/silver, i love the fact that it has a vintage feel to it.

How HOOT are they ?? 

and funny it may sound but then i think of these pieces and imagine myself wearing it something like this for a casual day out . I feel the white shirt is the apt base for the piece and thus an attention grabber.

Honestly, I ve always associated owls to petrifying horror, dark haunting rooms, ghostly figure all of that and i ve also heard that they have the ability to turn their heads around making them even more spooky but after seeing these pretty pieces who wouldn't change their belief. Aren't they the cutest piece of jewellery ? My hunt for this is on, i ve been running errands for this piece in gold/silver any as both are utterly cute.(Cant wait to get my hands on it, as i imagine myself wearing a navy blue dress and wearing this pendant long and hanging for a night out.) I am yet to stop by at the fashion haven in Cochin, THE CONVENT JUNCTION. Wonder if I ll find them there but then all thanks to technology,shopping online is way too convenient and to my luck I found one that suits me but then that will only be bought if i don't find one at the local store. Until then am going to satisfy myself with the visual treat i get looking at these outstanding fashion accessories. 

Let me know if you get your hands on one of these pieces and send me a picture would love to see you flaunt them.



  1. Hey thanks.... have to tell you girls are doing a greay job..

  2. i dont mean to spam you or promote myself, but i just HAPPEN to be selling owl things on my blog shop!! do see it if you want