Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Loot !!

Store Alert 

So the other day me and my super adorable bestie happen to do something we love the most, shopping ofcourse. Do we even need a second thought for that ?? so after a couple of random buys we happen to come across this store called THE LOOT , it looked nice from the exterior and inside me i felt the store was calling me (Alright i feel the same for all the stores that sell shoes, bags and clothes). So we hit the store and I was like ehhh why would anybody have Gulshan Grover as their ambassador of all the celebrities and then i realise its a discount store for all the amazing brands. so yeah looks like the name, ambassador and the whole concept of the store falls in place.Loot because its a store that sells branded clothing and accessories on discount throughout the year. Yes, can you believe that. We needn't wait for a season or a festive sale or incase of branded luxury even clearance. Simply put, a multi branded store.

THE LOOT is located at The Gold Souk in the basement closely next to the big bazaar. So why am i all praise for the shop, well why wouldn't I ?? i get a Levis on 25% to 60% off i would only be insane to not buy it, I buy French connection and that too at a dirt cheap price. I buy other brands and i get another piece free. Now don't you think i would be nothing but a stupid retard woman to not buy them ?? So what does the store have for us, well it boasts of  brands like Levis ( for all the girlies they also have the curve id collection), Puma, FCUK, Lee, Adidas to name a few. They have clothing,accessories, footwear, and caps. The amazing collection of caps they have is just drool worthy (if somebody happens to go there,please count the number of caps and let me know the count :p) 

The store has an interesting trial room, it looks nothing but a prison. Certainly serves the name right. Loot - Prison , get the click ?? haha....  Apart from this they have really nice people as the store incharge, very friendly and would go that one extra mile to help you get your piece. Took some pictures of the store for you to see

Gulshan Grover for the store 

The Loot - Prison 

                                                                    spot me if you can

And for those who didn't know the store also has a story behind it, care to read ?? click here 

Until then wishing you lots of shopping. Let me know your store experience.


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