Sunday, June 19, 2011

Drool worthy - For your eyes only !!

In the immortal words of Carrie Bradshaw "I may not understand men, but shoes. Shoes I understand."

Exactly my words. The colours, the make, the size, and most importantly the heel, how we women love looking tall, long legged lasses. Over the years my affair with shoes has grown manifold and has blossomed into a full-fledged romance(Lets not even get into the number of pairs i own).I was always a flats or slip on person cuz being 5"4 i always considered myself average tall and didn't feel the need to wear heels. Enter the corporate world and bang all i need are a pair of stunning pumps with acceptable heels. They not only make me look tall but also make me feel confident as i walk around and inside me i feel nothing but a diva. Trust me, wear a basic tee and a jeans and tag them along with a pair of heels,it will revamp your look completely and bring that much required glam.

My mom would be the right person to tell you this, my favorite past time is to go online and check out the various look books and drool over the stunning shoes in every color and make one can think of. Below are such beauties that i ve been having my eyes on. Hope you drool at them the same like I ve been.

Image Courtesy - Zara

Image Courtesy -

I ve been drooling over these stunners for quite sometime, such a visual delight these are... hope you enjoy them too. and talking about price tags, well lets not even get into it .... :P



  1. I knew you have fetish for shoes BUT i didn't knew the extent.
    It's always been a pleasure reading what you write and this blog is no exception.

  2. Hey You know what I went throught all of your old posts and one thing that strikes mind is


  3. I know, i sometimes wonder why am i a banker in the first place but then guess thats the way life has taken or maybe i chose it that way. Well atleast it satisfies the shopoholic in me.

  4. Highly interesting! Here again we share the common love out of many others ;)

  5. Yeah , looks like i am at the verge of finding my fashionista blog sistah !! :D