Friday, April 8, 2011

Things i Lust....(Lust List 1)

It was lust at first sight and there was nothing virginal about what I was feeling.

What a Colorlicious way to start fashion blogging...Who wouldn't enjoy an arm candy like this. Yes it is the Hermes Birkin. I am so in love with them,Now only if affording one in every color was possible. With more and more posts to come you ll know my deep down desire/love/craving/lust for Birkins. Trust me for a Birkin I would sell an organ.

I may not understand men, but shoes. Shoes I understand.
Now who wouldn't want to step out in this sexy number,the Jimmy Choo marble booties this one's sure to grab the eye balls. On my lust list today soon in my wardrobe. There is something about Jimmy Choo's makes me go not just weak in the knee but err keep guessing.                                                                                                                                  

I have always wanted my colors to sing.                                                                                                 

Karen Millen Color Block dresses, with the on going trend of color block guess a timely lust it is. Though I dont consider them to be color block in true sense but the whole make of the dress and patterns is drool worthy. Now only if I had the body to carry this dress. I love all of them, don't even ask me to pick one but but but if I really had to pick one for satisfaction of lust then for some odd reason it would be the one on the mannequin. Can I pick two ??? arrrghhhh.... love every piece.

There are no mistakes in lace, just misdirected threads that present a new challenge. 

Yet another Jimmy Choo on my lust list. Look at the beauty how can this not even be on my list. This is the Jimmy Choo Faye Lace Pumps, with this on those pretty feet is going to make any girl green naayy dark green with envy.

This little bag of dreams

Adorable isn't it ?? Lulu Guinness Lip Shaped ClutchesBesides the adorable lip-shaped clutches, a long-time favorite amongst celebs and fashionistas alike, the line has understandable bodies and rock-star detailing that I admire.

On my neck this twist I bind,Love is entangled here

A recent introduction,statement necklaces are a must have for those not so dressy days. These pieces will take your LBD's , WBD's or a basic plain t-shirt to a different level altogether. Trust me !!  This Rachel Leigh Millies Vintage Denim Bib Necklace is something i am Lusting for a while .....

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