Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The fabulous life of the not so rich and infamous.

Alright, I wanted to get a little more active on my blog but then the worlds local bank sometimes squeezes too much work out of you and does not let you play any other role in life but a banker. So yeah the whole purpose of me getting on blog was to bring out the fashion in real people. I do wana know what Eva Longoria wore to the red carpet  or rather who she wore to the awards, who had a faux pas where, when & how. I am equally interested in knowing who did their color block well and who had a envylicious arm candy (refer my prev post love for Birkin). So yeah whoz not into celeb fashion and their oh so fabulous life but its time to get real, talk about real people who prefer shopping at a Sarojini Nagar in Delhi or a Commercial street in Bangalore than shopping at Bangkok and London a la celebrities,people who save their pocket moneys and other form of money to buy that one expensive pair of Louboutin or a drool worthy Prada bag .

I want to use this space to show amazing everyday street fashion from a simple salwar kameez clad aunty who looks stunning in her own little ways to a peppy trend following young lady/girl who knows how to carry a style. I want my understanding to go deep and bring it out to people that real people can be equally stylish and look like complete divas and a fashionista  in true sense. My blog is not gender bias FYI, I think men can be equally stylish and yes they would also be on this blog very much like the women. There are many a blogs on street fashion but they are all restricted to metros or a specific city but none for Kochi. So here's my take on Kochi  and its fashion troupe but no am not restricting it to Kochi wherever i travel my blog moves with me.

Kochi's style statement has evolved with time but then it still is no competition to the likes of Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore etc. A fellow blogger from Kochi has given his inputs on how fashion has evolved in Kochi Life at Abhi . But I really want to see Kochi as a major style hub, yes we need a Tibetan market, we need a street side market where we can buy the most stylish outfits at an unbeatable price,we need brands like mango , promod, zara, fcuk, aldo, nine west, globus, westside etc. we need labels from the designers themselves. Lets not forget Kochi has many a number of Richie rich to afford the expensive price tag of the international /domestic designers and I would definitely want to see alot of couture girls in the city. But that doesn't mean the ordinary person on the street does not have fashion sense. Fashion is more about YOU than about your preferred brand. Materialism is passé. Fashion is a personal style statement and all about creating your signature.

And thus begins my search with my little camera and my thirst/hunger/crave for fashionistas in this upcoming fashion nation in the country. Also I would constantly attempt to try and post my own personal fashion. Until next time closing with a quote by Lord Chesterfield  - If you are not in fashion, you are nobody.


  1. Hey! Tanusha... nice blog dear... It does not matter if you give a reference to my blog. I am happy that my article was interesting to you.

    Yes cochin fashion is not similar to the other cities. People are either not ready to accept the change or it is that the change is not ready to influence Cochin.

    unlike pune, banglore or mumbai where girls are seen in shorts or have started adopting the western dressing, cochin is 4-5 years back.

    Your blog is nice. Try to join a group of fashionistas to get more attention. Good articles and blogs should be noticable to all.


  2. Your posts title is literally my blog's name! :) Agree with your thoughts :)