Friday, April 29, 2011

And they WED !!

Every site, blog, piece of information provider must be bombarded with the Royal Wedding and why not it was the most anticipated event and possibly the wedding of this generation ( well they call it the Fairytale wedding). For that how could I not do my bit on the royal wedding and give my blog a royal start. So yeah , the world has been waiting with bated breath to see what the commoner Kate Middleton would wear or who would she wear when she walks to the aisle to be the princess and yes the wait is over its Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen. I had my stakes on Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen and (jumps out of joy)  it was Alexander McQueen. No second thoughts Kate looked stunning in that Sarah Burton dress. Lace and fitted bodice followed by the train... it was all screaming ROMANCE !! I personally feel the wedding dress was PERFECT, it was a right blend of traditional and modern yet so classy. Kate completely nailed the outfit and it certainly looks like she was wearing the outfit and not the outfit wearing her.

Here is a piece of information about the dress I get from a certain site, The dress was made with Individual flowers hand-cut from lace and hand-engineered onto ivory silk tulle to create a unique and organic design -  incorporating the rose, thistle, daffodil and shamrock. The English lace, hand embroidered by the Royal School of Needlework, was demure but pretty. I also hear that the lace on the sleeves is one of its kind, custom made for Her Royal Highness,now shouldn't she demand some royalness. It was such a fresh site to see the bride ina full sleeves gown, whereas brides these days opt for strapless fitted gowns. With these i am sure to see a change in the gowns of the future brides to be. Hunting the streets in NY/UK will surely fetch you a look like. A small birdie tells me Princess Diana's dress was out in the markets in 5 hours post wedding.

                                                    WOW !! need i say more ??

the detailing on the lace

the embroidery on the gown

This is the lady behind this piece of art

Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen

and like every fairytale ending , hope they live happily after.....

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