Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bangalore Bloggers Meet

Like I said nothing major happened at my blog end in the last 8 months but there was something that was a big hit on the 24th of June. There was a Bangalore blogger meet or to be precise fashion bloggers meet held at the Orion mall which has created some fond memories in my mind. I was a lil hesitant initially as I only read their blogs but never interacted with them nor did they know me, remember blog sabbatical. So when I contacted the brain behind this meet, she was more than ready to have me over and the next moment contacts were shared. I was looking forward to the meet on Sunday and the biggest dilemma was to decide what to wear. It’s a fashion bloggers meet and how can you not be dressed in your best. I know my blogger chicas reading this would be in a shock as I never told them this that it was a task for me for a good four days deciding as to what to wear. I was ransacking my closet and I just couldn’t decide what to wear, sometimes picking a dress is the most difficult decision a girl has to make. Don’t you agree on that?? So yeah we had the fab fashion bloggers meet and it was nothing but fun. Sizzlers, yummy munching’s and heartwarming conversations I couldn’t believe that we actually met for the first time and believe me it was amazing to see people in real whose blog I keep reading. There was the lovely Sonshu(the brainchild of the meet), you could fall in love with her and then there was the adorable Nikita, who knew that we’d actually make friends at the blogger meet, that was Nikita for me. Post the bloggers meet Nikita and me have met too often and also been on shopping spree, had sleep overs and dined together. There was the Barbie doll Shalini with her husband Rohit, both of them are soo much fun you just cannot get enough of them. One look at Jahn and you ll think she must be some college goer but don’t fall for the looks she’s a married lady and lovely to talk to. We also had Purushu the shy guy, I envy him (he doesn’t even know about it) and he truly deserves a shout out because our blogger finding tells us that he is the only male fashion blogger in the country. Now isn’t that a big deal, for me it is. Don’t we women love it when men talk about fashion too? I hope with too many girls around him we went a little easy on him. It ll be wrong on my part to not mention this that we had amidst ourselves a designer well she came in her own creation (kudos) and she sure made a pretty picture, that was the sweet Sayanti – the bong shell :p and last but not the least we had the charming lady from the fleamarket Oopps the Mumbai girl ila.
There was good food, some fun conversations and pictures, is it even minutely possible that a blogger meet would be complete without a photo session. Hell NO!! Shalini’s husband Rohit was the super sweet photographer for the night, he unflaggingly clicked pictures and made sure that we had pictures of the evening to cherish forever. Am sure we bloggers cant thank him enough. The blogger event ended with some shopping hauls at Zara, Debenhams and Vero Moda (is it even godly possible for fashionistas to meet and not shop??) and with some yummy sizzlers we parted ways to only meet again. Check out the pictures they ll do the talking for now and you ll know what fun we had. Signing off!!


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