Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fashion Fab or Fashion Drab

Hello lovely people,

Ok Ok i know i don't post enough but i want to, i really really want to .... work keeps me alot occupied (not a good excuse), but nevertheless i am here with a new post , in fact a couple of post. With this post , i intend to start a new session where in i wanna put forward my opinion on a selective celebrity who caught my attention and i draw this inspiration from Kajol. She has upped her fashion quotient from drab to fab ( that's why the title) looking at her recent pictures, i certainly have big respect (bow down). She has moved on from her Manish Malhotra's to the Shantanu Nikhil's and Shivan Naresh. The dusky diva sure has come a long way.

2012 has been nice to Kajol in terms of her sartorial choices, not only has she come out of her no make up look but she has also decided to pick some snazzy designer outfits and loose that mommy weight.

Kajol with her drab ill fitted Anarkali's 

Kajol upping her fashion quotient with baby steps

OMG !! Look at her, she makes a perfect Diva

Below are two of my favorite Looks , i call it STUNNING !!

Kajol at Karan Johar's Birthday bash
 I love what she has done to her hair. I know many haven't approved of the look but i feel its killer.

Pretty in pink at the Vogue 5th Anniversary
This reminds of me the song by One Direction

That infectious smile. *sigh*

From me she gets a FAB !!

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