Sunday, July 22, 2012

Blog Sabbatical

The title seems apt, or maybe that’s how I should put it for my readers who I have done injustice to. APOLOGIES!! I was long away, there was too much happening and blog took a back seat but before I complete a year of NOT posting on my blog here I am finally back with a bang and that reminds me that I should tell you that I ve moved to Bangalore and it’s been about 8 months. Now you know how things must ve changed for me. From Cochin to Bangalore it was a journey in itself. From staying with family to living on your own, from gharkakhaana to doing your own chores, life changed 180 degrees for me. I moved here for work, moved internally with the bank. Didn’t know a person here and it was the beginning of a new journey in a lost land. I had no clue of what I was doing and where I was going. My initial days were spent house hunting and trying to figure out the city. But today it’s a different story altogether, I have friends (well not too many but ya a couple of them), I know places to shop, eat, hang out etc. I wouldn’t say I like this city but ya it’s a good change and of course that feeling of living on your own, making your own decisions , doing your room the way you like… well there sure are perks of living alone but then like they say there’s a darker side to everything.
With a new city I ve also got a new wardrobe well a relatively new wardrobe and with that comes a smaller bank balance *sigh*. With availability of many brands and options it’s difficult to not buy them am sure 9 out of 10 people would agree to me on that, but that’s ok it only makes me want to do more outfit posts and showcase my newbies. There’s so much to share but that’s eventually going to happen with more post following, but for now am taking a leave and will keep you posted on my happenings soon. Signing off !!



  1. Welcome Back! We sorely missed you.
    I am glad you have now settled and having a good life.
    Looking forward for more posts!

  2. chenges add spice in our life, especially when you started to love in a different city.