Friday, September 23, 2011

Should i be punished for being away ??

Apologies !!

I know i ve been mia for way too long , in counting its exactly 50 days...... whoaaaa now thats been real long...(guilty) but i am really grateful to Tanvi & Aasheianaa who got me back on track.... (THANK YOU HUG)if not for them this 50 would ve been a good 100.... blame the all thy time and other social endearing. Alright now that's the lamest thing I could ever say, no time for fashion ( Hell No !! ) ....that's not possible, you always have time for something you love and this is love, my foremost love( no second thoughts)... ok to be honest the worlds local bank keeps me way too busy and been juggling between office and home , that means no gymming, dead on social life, no movie ( that's a lie i did see Meri Brother Ki Dulhan n Friend with Benefits :p ) and i also want to say shopping but in 50 days only two days of shopping , does that count ?? please say nooooo.... so yeah honestly this chica did a couple of things while being away from the blogging scene  ( well i was only NOT posting, i was certainly blog hopping, i love outfit posts and other info that follows)

Firstly, I did have a small visit to the capital which coincidentally fell on the same date to that of the Vogue's Fashion Night Out (FNO). I was dressed to nines, wore my fav EDT, got my credit card in place and what not.... i know all you ladies out there who couldn't attend the same must be a lil jealous now... i mean who doesnt want to be a part of FNO....stop being J that's a part of the story,read ahead and you ll have a good laugh , i was right in front of DLF Emporio  ( YES, right in front of the venue) to be a part of the FNO and also to support a designer friend who was a total sell out but due to a certain man's childish temper ruined the whole scene and left the venue from the parking ( alright now i can be laughed upon) i feel bad n dont have the patience to wait until next year :(  I admit , I commited a crime !! 

Second, like i said was way too busy at the work front but then did take out two days of time for shopping... one at the capital ( now if i dont shop at the capital, i would ve been hanged to death by the sister ofcourse) and second did a local shopping at the city and guess what i bought this awesome Jumpsuit.... which i am soo in love with.... its a maroon jumpsuit( i wanted one in black though) but i totally adore it..... its nice and summery.... i love the way the fabric touches my skin.... i am soo gona do an outfit post on that, just waiting for the right statement neckpiece.... just realised i ve never done an outfit post they say there's time and place for everything ( is the usage even right ??, Uhhhhhh....u know what i mean .... :D )

Third, I ve been doing alot of blog hopping to get info on the major events taking place at the fashion scenario. There was the NY fashion week on which I will soon be doing a post....and also the Blenders Pride fashion tour for its kolkata and Delhi leg... since i could not be a part of any ( read point 1 ) hopping across blogs was my only source of pictures and info.... Jai www ki !! 

Apart from this I ve been contemplating about a couple of things which may sound funny to some of you but then to the confused me its a real deal.... i ve been wanting to get a haircut for like ages now ( please dont ask me how long, ASHAMED !! ) but somehow my haircut phobia does not allow me to enter the salon... there is this certain fact you readers should know about me....a) i have a haircut phobia(the fear of scissors going through my hair and making my hair look messy, i dont if such a thing even exist, but i have..also let me know the real term for such phobia) b) i will only get my haircut by a male...i know this is so random but then i insist(no females please)....c) i ve never had short hair in my entire life(bob cut) its like a thing for mom.... her hair does not grow long so is living her dreams through her daughter. Since i so badly want a haircut i also cant decide where to go should i go to the capital and get it from a swanky salon or just go to my personal stylist who i can trust....
Also with the wedding season around i have couple of weddings to attend but i have a terrible time deciding as to what to wear.... sometimes its a nightmare with too many options(Men,lucky bitches i tell u...) there's a saree, lehenga, churidaar and with the new entrants of palazo pants,gowns.... the options are limitless..... (poor me) maybe you guys could suggest me a thing or two.

the post is become too long now.... i dont want to bore you further with my rants.... from now i am gona be regular at the blogging front,the week i dont do a single post i ll penalise myself with 500 bucks...this way am sure to be rich soon (wink) and shop more ... Yeehaw !! signing off .... 



  1. Yes there should be some punishment


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  3. Hey Tanusha so glad to see you back. Cant wait for the outfit of the day post. Tc

  4. I would have LOVED to see what you wore to the FNO after all! :D

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  5. Tanusha! It's been a month girl!!! Where arth thou?

  6. hey tANUSHA.....New record...4 months! have you started another blog?

  7. Hy sweetie! this is lovely! i was thinking, maybe we can follow each others blog?! :X