Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Have you saved your date for the most spectacular event of Kochi this year?? – KIFW Calling !!

What connects Kochi with the metro cities of Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai? More than just the last letter i, I say. Fashion, or rather the love to flaunt it, is debuting in Kochi. Yes!! It’s finally here. It is going to rain fashion in Kochi from Aug 4-7. Kochi has got its very own Fashion week that surely promises to take you on a whirlwind tour of high fashion with celebrity designers, glitzy after parties and a definite oomph factor gracing the occasion.
Now why would a fashion week be interesting for the regular Mallu, you ask? Well look around, all you fashion bugs Kochi has evolved. And the Kochi International fashion Week, might just seem like the perfect cup of tea for your fashion starved souls, atleast for me it is (winks). Runway shows for me are always surreal and with just a few days left to hit the Kochi International Fashion Week (KIFW) to start, there is this tingling anticipatory feeling down the spine about ‘God! I wonder what’s in store’.
For all those novice, trust me fashion weeks are nothing like the fashion shows that we see at college fest or at some random product launch, fashion weeks to me is all about serious fashion trends, the Red Carpet divas, the front row frenzy, the spotting of celebs, who’s wearing what from which label and who’s with whom? Will the front row be jammed with Bollywood super stars? It’s a festivity, where hundreds of people get together to celebrate fashion. And yes of course for all those gossip mongers fashion weeks for them is an extension of hotties (who also try to get ‘nottie’, pun intended), wardrobe malfunctions(now I hope to not see any), cat fights, model gossip, trendy designer parties and beyond.
So what should one expect from KIFW? Apart from the glitz and glamour one is bound to see a lot of trend spotting from sky high heels to unimaginable heights of skirts. The high priest of fashion, James Ferreira will kick start the event with his take on Kerala’s very own kasavu and launching his men’s line – James Men , followed by our very own Hari Anand (remember Glada ) his collection is more of resort wear (now if you thought bikinis then I am laughing). The extravaganza will also see the presence of stalwarts such as Archana Kochhar, Vivek Karunakaran, Riyaz Gangji, Jattinn Kochhar (one of my personal fav), Megha Grover, Jules Idi Amin, Aruna Singh showcasing their collection. The KIFW grand finale will be presented by the New York based Kerala girl Sanjana Jon. My instincts tell me her collection would reflect a lot of Kerala vibe in her clothes (awaiting with baited breath) but that’s for us to wait n watch. I am so looking forward to having a tete-a-tete with her (too much to ask for eh?)
Casino Hotel would surely be bleeding fashion and with all the excitement abuzz with different people (I didn’t just mean leggy lasses :p) fun, chic-nes, drama & glitterati Kochi is surely awaiting this extravaganza (I can tell with the newspapers flooding with the updates, and also overheard someone enquiring about the passes). These four days of intense fashion during KIFW is something I have been looking forward to ever since its been out in the news and now it being around the corner and I’m off to buy some new black stilettos to celebrate and do my bit of fashionista. Have you saved your dates yet ??
The magic unfolds August 4th to 7th 2011. I can’t wait!!



  1. WOW! :) Sounds fun :) Click lots of pictures :)

  2. Hey Tanusha...waiting eagerly to read some more of your blogs.....

  3. Heya.... i ve been missing in action(mia) for real long...(guilty) new post coming up soon..... thanks for coming back and checking.... you ve done a big favour on me( i am gona do it real soon now) thank u :)

    hope ur doing good my blogger friend :)

  4. Time to come back to blogging dear?! :) Hope all is welll!

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